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Exposición sobre Algoritmos para variantes de problemas de enrutamiento

El proximo jueves 13/12/2018 a las 10:00 AM en el auditorio del DMCC, Carlos Contreras Bolton (quien estudio
en la Licenciatura en Ciencia de la Computacion), estudiante de doctorado (proximo a rendir su examen de grado)
de la Universita' di Bologna expondra el siguiente tema: Algorithms for Variants of Routing Problems 
Fuente: Rubén Carvajal S.

In this talk presents mathematical optimization models and algorithms for variants of routing problems.
The first contribution consists of models and algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem with
Time-dependent Service times (TSP-TS). We propose a new Mixed Integer Programming model and
develop a multi-operator genetic algorithm and two Branch-and-Cut methods, based on the proposed model.
The algorithms are tested on benchmark symmetric and asymmetric instances from the literature, and
compared with an existing approach, showing the effectiveness of the proposed algorithms.
The second work concerns the Pollution Traveling Salesman Problem (PTSP).
We present a Mixed Integer Programming model for the PTSP and two mataheuristic algorithms:
an Iterated Local Search algorithm and a Multi-operator Genetic algorithm.
We performed extensive computational experiments on benchmark instances. The last contribution
considers a rich version of the Waste Collection Problem (WCP) with multiple depots and stochastic
demands using Horizontal Cooperation strategies. We developed a hybrid algorithm combining
metaheuristics with simulation. We tested the proposed algorithm on a set of large-sized WCP
instances in non-cooperative scenarios and cooperative scenarios.

Short Bio
Carlos Contreras-Bolton received his BSc degree in Computer Science in 2010 and his
MSc degree in Computer Science Engineering in 2013, both from the University of Santiago of Chile.
Currently he is a PhD student in Biomedical, Electrical and System Engineering at University of Bologna, Italy,
and his doctoral defence will take place in April 2019. He was a part-time lecturer at Faculty of Engineering
of University of Santiago of Chile and Andrés Bello University. His current research interests are on
exact and heuristic methods to solve combinatorial optimization problems such as Packing Problems,
Vehicle Routing Problems and Scheduling Problems

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